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Buy an Australian made Austral clothesline. 

There is an Austral clothesline to suit everyone’s washing line needs.

australian made clotheslines

Welcome to the official website for Austral Clothes Hoists (NSW / ACT)

Austral Clotheslines NSW / ACT are the distributors for the Austral Clothes Hoists range of clotheslines. All Austral clotheslines are Australian made using local materials and labour.
Austral have been operating since 1986 and remain wholly Australian owned (unlike our competitors and imitators with ‘Aussie’ sounding names).
Made for the Aussie environment, our Australian made clotheslines are produced using local products, including Bluescope Galvabond Steel, for superior strength and rust resistance. That’s why our clotheslines come with a 20 year structural guarantee.
There is an Austral Clothesline to suit everyone’s clothes drying needs and they come in a wide range of contemporary colours. Find a clothesline stockist near you »

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