Frequently Asked Questions

Austral Clothes Lines is proudly 100% Australian made and owned and is now the only clothes line company manufacturing a full range of clothes lines in Australia.

Why should I buy an Austral Clothesline rather than another brand?

Austral’s Clothes Lines offer a large range of styles with more line space, for greater drying flexibility.

Not only are Austral Clothes Lines manufactured right here in Australia, they’re built to last in Australia’s harsh climate.

clotheslines australian made

What percentage of Austral’s Clothes Lines are Australian made?

100% of Austral’s clothes lines and accessories are manufactured in Australia. The Galvabond® Steel used in all our products is milled using Australian strip by BlueScope® Steel Limited. All plastic components contain UV stabilizers. Cord and wire are manufactured to our own specification, to ensure sturdy, reliable products.

Choosing the right Austral Clothesline

Give consideration to selecting a level, north or south facing site to achieve the maximum amount of sunlight, away from view if possible. Click here to view a floor plan (PDF) that features suggested clothesline locations. Once you’ve found your preferred location, browse our clothesline range here »

austral clotheslines warranty

Do Austral products carry a Warranty?

Austral offers a 20 year structural guarantee. We guarantee the tubular frame against breakage or distortion caused by rust on all Galvabond® products given fair wear and tear. All Austral’s clothes lines are manufactured using Galvabond® Steel to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Please refer to the product warranty for full terms and conditions.

What colours do Austral Clotheslines come in?

Yes, Austral Clotheslines come in a range of colours designed to complement most people’s requirements.

Can I install a Fold Down Wall Mounted clothesline on my wall if the wall is shorter than the length of your clothesline?

Yes. All Austral Fold Down Clothes Lines have tubular steel front bars which may be easily reduced in length with a hack saw or angle grinder. Reduce the front bar by the required length prior to inserting into preassembled side arms during installation.

At what height should I install my clothes line?

The general recommendation for a Fold Down Wall Mount, is to fix the wall bracket’s top bolt approximately 50mm above the user’s head height. Consideration may need to be given to taller family/friends if they help to hang the washing out, or the Fold Down Wall Mount is to be installed in a walkway.

How easily can I get spare parts?

Austral’s Clothes Lines are made in Australia so spare parts are readily available for all models.

I don’t want a clothes line in my back yard. Can I put one down the side of the house?

Yes. Austral manufactures one of the narrowest Fold Downs available. Most side paths are only 800-900mm wide. The Austral Slenderlines are only 59cm deep and will easily fit into a narrow side path. Both the Slenderline 16 and 20 may be wall mounted or free-standing.

I have a cement path down the side of my home and not enough wall space to place a fold down clothesline. Is there an alternative?

Yes. Austral manufactures Fold Down Ground Mount Kits (for the rectangular framed lines) and Retract Away Posts with welded metal base plates. These plated kits are pre-drilled and powdercoated for direct fixing onto cement slab/path and tiled floors etc. The alternative is to core drill a neat hole in which you can install the upright legs or rotary column. This is generally not an alternative for upper level dwellings.

Can I install a clothes line on my garage/shed wall?

As long as you have sufficient structural support on the intended wall you can install a clothes line directly on the wall. You may need to install the clothes line using a Ground Mount Kits near the garage/shed if there is not sufficient structural support.

Can I install a clothes line on a blue sheet wall?

Yes as long as there is sufficient structural support. If you are about to renovate or your home is at planning stage, you could allow for additional structural support to suit your choice of clothesline.

Can I install a clothesline directly onto a fence?

That depends on several factors. Firstly, it is recommended you check with your local Council (or Strata Corp.) if there are any regulations governing the installation directly onto a fence in your area. The fence posts would need to be very strong and well supported – your neighbour is likely to hold you responsible if the fence collapses. A Colourbond fence is not suitable for direct fixing. It is advisable to install a Ground Mount Kit as close as possible to the fence to ensure adequate support.

I love my rotary clothesline but I’m worried about downsizing to a fold down. How does line space compare?

Yes, the fold downs do hold less washing than the traditional rotary but Austral’s Fold Downs clotheslines do have more line space than other brands. Austral’s Add-A-Line Fold Down holds a massive 35.7m of line space – that’s approximately ¾ the line space of a rotary!  Even the Standard and Compact fold down clotheslines are 28.5m. If you do a lot of washing at once – for example on your one day off – you could install 2 fold down clotheslines side by side. That would be equivalent to the largest of rotary clotheslines.

I have arthritis. How easy is it to operate your fold down clotheslines?

The Austral Fold Down clotheslines have a one-handed operation to raise or lower the frame. Pull up with one hand on the centre front bar until the line locks into position. Push up firmly to release the catch and allow the line to fold down.

Why is the recommended area greater than the clothesline size?

You should allow approximately 25-30cm extra depth for operational ease of a fold down clothesline. A rotary clothesline requires a little more room around the exterior line. This allows sheets, blankets etc. to blow in the wind without brushing against shrubbery or fences.

I want a second clothesline for wet weather drying. What options do I have?

You have several options. The Austral Retract Away clothesline is suitable for use in carports, garages and verandahs and will lock in at a minimum distance of 2m in length. The Fold Downs range in depth from 59cm – 94cm – 150cm. They have more line space than other Fold Downs so offer far more flexibility for winter drying. The Fold Downs are suitable for internal and external use as they can fit into any distance required. Some home owners have installed a second Ground Socket for a Fold Away Rotary under a pergola or carport. During summer the clothes are dried in the sun and during winter they move their Fold Away Rotary under cover for wet weather drying. Remember that line drying your clothes for even a few hours will save power and energy – even if you do finish them off in the electric dryer!

Why should I use an outdoor clothes line rather than my electric clothes dryer?

The obvious answer is duty to your environment. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint significantly by line drying your clothes but you will also have much smaller power bills. Your clothes will last longer and smell fresher when line dried. We realize it isn’t always practical to dry outdoors all year round but ask you to consider an alternative greener approach. Consider a second undercover clothes line or line drying wet clothes for as long as possible before finishing damp clothes in an electric dryer. Austral’s Clothes Lines use free solar and wind energy to dry your clothes. Our clothes lines are virtually maintenance-free and will continue to save you money for many years.