Retract Away Right Hand Side Assembly

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A Retract Away Right Hand Side Assembly helps tension the line and lock it in place

Features and Specifications

  • For Use with Retract Away Retractable 40 or Retract Away Retractable 50
  • Product is made of Strong & Durable Plastic & contains UV Stabilizers
  • Product Dimensions: 150mm x 120mm x 70mm
  • Caution – It is not easy to physically replace a Retract Away Right Hand Side Assembly 
  • We strongly recommend you use an Austral Clothesline Repairman to carry out this task
  • Has Lever to set Clothesline as Locked in place (LOCK) or free to move (UNLOCK)
  • Has TENSION KNOB to help tension the line when required
  • Colours: Black
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